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Josh Groban's voice was a catalyst for renewing, refreshing, and reaffirming my own creativity.

Colors of Josh

Thank you Josh.

I continue to explore my own creativity on a variety of levels.


Josh Groban
Orlando, Florida
April, 2002

Josh on a Silver Platter

Creativity represents
a miraculous coming together
of the uninhibited energy of the child
with its apparent opposite and enemy,
the sense of order imposed
on the disciplined adult intelligence.

Norman Podhoretz


Magic JG
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Whatever the inspiration,
Let your own creativity emerge!


Creativity comes from accepting that you're not safe, from being absolutely aware, and from letting go of control. It's a matter of seeing everything even when you want to shut your eyes.
Madeleine L'Engle

Madeleine L'Engle was my very first inspiration, discovered during my teen years and followed all the years since..  Her books, her love of writing, her ability to transcend age "levels" in that writing became my first look into the amazing world of creativity and the way it can, and does, bridge mode, culture, spirituality, and belief.